List of papers scheduled to be registered

  • Milky Way
    • Caffau et al.                        A&A,595,L6,2016
    • Bonifacio et al.                     A&A,612,A65,2018
    • Hansen et al.                         ApJ,858,92,2018
    • Li et al.                                ApJ,852,L31,2018
    • Sakari et al.                       ApJ,854,L20,2018
    • Caffau et al.                      A&A,595,L6,2016
    • da Silveira et al.              A&A,614,A149,2018
    • Bandyopadhyay et al.     ApJ,859,114,2018
    • Roederer et al.               ApJ,860,125,2018
    • Holmbeck et al.              ApJ,859,L24,2018
    • Gull et al.                       ApJ,862,174,2018
    • Cain et al.                      ApJ,864,43,2018
    • Starkenburg et al.          MNRAS,481,3838,2018
    • Aoki et al                       PASJ,70,94,2018
    • Roederer et al.               AJ,156,179,2018
    • Roederer et al.               ApJ,865,129,2018
    • Caffau et al.                   A&A,614,A68,2018
    • Francois et al.                A&A,619,A10,2018
    • Sakari et al.                       ApJ, 868, 110, 2018
    • Cescutti et al.                    A&A, 595, A91, 2016
    • Francois et al.                   A&A, 620, A187, 2018
  • Dwarf galaxies
    • Skuladottir et al.                  A&A,580,A129,2015
    • Tsujimoto et al.                  ApJ,850,L12,2017
    • Hansen et al.                    ApJ,855,83,2018
    • Spite et al.                     A&A,617,A56,2018
    • Taibi et al.                      A&A,618,A122,2018
    • Duggan et al.                    ApJ, 869, 50, 2018
    • Ji et al.                                ApJ, 870, 83, 2019

Known problems

  • downloading data in text format
    • Retrieved data can be downloaded in text format. However, not all the data are provided. Note that only one datum is available for specified elements, for example, only [Fe I/H] appears in the data even if [Fe II/H] is also available. We are planning to include all the available data in the database, together with other specified quantities and coordinates.
  • popup windows on the plot panels.
    • There are minor problems in popup windows when the data are plotted using the data retrieval subsystem. The popup windows provide information on data and references, but references are not displayed for Milky Way stars. This problem will be fixed in the future update.
  • time to plot data
    • In the current version, it takes long time to plot data using the data retrieval subsystem. In particular, the time to plot figures is unexpectedly long when the replot button is pressed. We expect to reduce time for this process.
  • radial velocities (RV)
    • The RV data are available for only one record for each object in each paper. We have all the records of RV monitoring for individual objects in the database, but we provide only the first record of monitoring through the web site for a technical reason. We are planning to fix this problem in future updates.
  • solar abundances
    • We have taken into account the difference in adopted solar abundances, but not all the papers provide information on them. In such cases, we use Grevesse et al. (1996) as reference solar abundances. The list of data without the information on solar abundances will be uploaded later.

Notes on the identifications of stars in dwarf galaxies

List of Identical / Not Identical objects which are distant / close with each other

List of identical objects

# Galaxy Star ID1 Reference 1 Star ID2 Reference 2 Angular Distance [arcsec] Magnitude difference [V mag]
1 Bootes I Boo-007 Feltzing+09 Boo-7 Norris+10c 7.734
2 Bootes I Boo-094 Feltzing+09 Boo-94 Norris+10c 7.428
3 Bootes I Boo-094 Feltzing+09 Boo-94 Gilmore+13 7.428
4 Bootes I Boo-094 Feltzing+09 Boo-094 Ishigaki+14 7.284
5 Bootes I Boo-117 Feltzing+09 Boo-4 Martin+07 7.132
6 Bootes I Boo-117 Feltzing+09 Boo-117 Norris+10c 7.132
7 Bootes I Boo-117 Feltzing+09 Boo01 Lai+11 7.132
8 Bootes I Boo-117 Feltzing+09 Boo-117 Gilmore+13 7.132
9 Bootes I Boo-117 Feltzing+09 Boo-117 Ishigaki+14 7.132
10 Bootes I Boo-127 Feltzing+09 Boo-127 Gilmore+13 8.304
11 Bootes I Boo-127 Feltzing+09 Boo-127 Ishigaki+14 8.159
12 Bootes I Boo-121 Feltzing+09 Boo-121 Norris+10c 7.552
13 Bootes I Boo-121 Feltzing+09 Boo-121 Ishigaki+14 7.552
14 Bootes II BooII-7 Koch+09 SDSSJ135801.42+125105.0 Francois+16 7.312
15 Bootes II SDSSJ135801.4+125105.2 Ji+16 SDSSJ135801.42+125105.0 Francois+16 5.871
16 Carina LG04c 000951 Koch+08a Carina-Car-13 Fabrizio+15 7.593
17 Carina LG04c_000626 Koch+08a Carina-Car15 Fabrizio+15 7.184
18 Carina LG04c_000626 Koch+08a LG04c_000626 Koch+06 6.883 0.00
19 Carina LG04c_006477 Koch+08a Carina-Car32 Fabrizio+15 9.052
20 Carina LG04c_006477 Koch+08a Car-1013 Venn+12 9.427 0.060
21 Carina LG04c_006477 Koch+08a LG04c_006477 Koch+06 8.957 0.00
22 Carina LG04d_006628 Koch+08a Carina-Car36 Fabrizio+15 6.263
23 Carina LG04c_000777 Koch+08a Carina-Car22 Fabrizio+15 9.688
24 Carina LG04b_004260 Koch+08a Carina-Car14 Fabrizio+15 7.940
25 Carina LG04b_004260 Koch+08a LG04b_004260 Koch+06 7.649
26 Carina LG04a_000377 Koch+08a Carina-Car50 Fabrizio+15 6.731
27 Carina LG04a_000377 Koch+08a LG04a_000377 Koch+06 6.251
28 Carina LG04a_002181 Koch+08a Carina-Car37 Fabrizio+15 6.210
29 Carina LGO4a-002181 Koch+08a Car-484 Venn+12 5.772
30 Carina LG04a_002181 Koch+08a LG04a_002181 Koch+06 5.805
31 Carina LGO4a-001826 Koch+08a Car-612 Venn+12 5.677
32 Carina LG04a_001826 Koch+08a Carina-Car19 Fabrizio+15 4.383
33 Carina LGO4a-001556 Koch+08a Carina-Car53 Fabrizio+15 3.976
34 Carina LG04a_001556 Koch+08a LG04a_001556 Koch+06 3.781 0.000
35 Carina LG04c_006477 Koch+08a CC12039 Norris+17 9.244 0.070
36 Carina LG04c_000777 Koch+08a CC11217 Norris+17 9.581 0.070
37 Carina LG04b_004260 Koch+08a CC10194 Norris+17 8.036 0.010
38 Carina LG04a_001556 Koch+08a CC08469 Norris+17 4.076 0.010
39 Carina LG04a_001826 Koch+08a CC07452 Norris+17 4.381 0.040
40 Carina LG04a_002181 Koch+08a CC06122 Norris+17 6.116 0.020
41 Fornax For43972 Kirby+10 Fornax-703 Pont+04 3.202
42 Leo I LeoI22910 Kirby+10 LeoI-51 Gullieuszik+09 3.576 0.106
43 Leo I LeoI22910 Kirby+10 137 Koch+07 5.968
44 Leo I LeoI20231 Kirby+10 251 Koch+07 8.472
45 Leo I LeoI20491 Kirby+10 653 Koch+07 7.255
46 Leo I LeoI20248 Kirby+10 308 Koch+07 8.126
47 Leo I LeoI20391 Kirby+10 354 Koch+07 8.156
48 Leo I LeoI20559 Kirby+10 778 Koch+07 7.705
49 Reticulum II DESJ033607-540235 Ji+16a DES_J033607-540235 Ji+16b 6.629
50 Reticulum II DESJ033607-540235 Ji+16a Star4 Roederer+16 6.633
51 Reticulum II DESJ033523-540407 Ji+16a DES_J033523-540407 Ji+16b 7.499
52 Reticulum II DESJ033523-540407 Ji+16a Star2 Roederer+16 8.270
53 Reticulum II DESJ033447-540525 Ji+16a DES_J033447-540525 Ji+16b 8.270
54 Reticulum II DESJ033447-540525 Ji+16a Star1 Roederer+16 8.270
55 Reticulum II DESJ033457-540531 Ji+16a DES_J033457-540531 Ji+16b 5.032
56 Reticulum II DESJ033523-540507 Ji+18 DES_J033523-540407 Ji+16b 7.499 0.000

List of not identical objects

# Galaxy Star ID1 Reference 1 Star ID2 Reference 2 Angular Distance [arcsec] Magnitude difference [V mag]
1 Leo I LeoI-21348 Bosler+07 LeoI31636 Kirby+10 0.451 0.065
2 Leo I LeoI31618 Kirby+10 LeoI-13 Gullieuszik+09 2.606 0.240
3 Leo I LeoI-21325 Bosler+07 LeoI21958 Kirby+10 2.130 0.304
4 Leo I LeoI-21325 Bosler+07 LeoI21987 Kirby+10 2.958 0.126
5 Leo I LeoI32614 Kirby+10 870 Koch+07 1.929
6 Leo I LeoI21406 Kirby+10 706 Koch+07 2.663
7 Leo I LeoI22802 Kirby+10 992 Koch+07 2.423
8 Leo I LeoI-16334 Bosler+07 992 Koch+07 2.890
9 Fornax For61117 Kirby+10 Fornax-61318 Kirby+15 2.427
10 Sculptor Scl76 Battaglia+06 ET0097 Skuladottir+15a 1.140 0.011
11 Sculptor 98 Kirby+09 Scl1008361 Kirby+10 0.472
12 Sculptor Scl1010605 Kirby+10 ET0242 Skuladottir+15b 2.489
13 Sculptor 162 Kirby+09 ET0242 Skuladottir+15b 2.390
14 Sculptor Scl34 Battaglia+08 162 Kirby+09 2.390
15 Sculptor Scl34 Battaglia+08 Sculptor-1010605 Kirby+15 2.489
16 Sculptor Sculptor-1010605 Kirby+15 160 Kirby+09 2.770
17 Sculptor Scl1010605 Kirby+10 160 Kirby+09 2.770
18 Sculptor Scl1010568 Kirby+10 162 Kirby+09 2.385
19 Sculptor Scl1010568 Kirby+10 Sculptor-1010605 Kirby+15 2.459
20 Sculptor Sculptor-1010568 Kirby+15 162 Kirby+09 2.385
21 Sculptor Sculptor-1010568 Kirby+15 Scl1010605 Kirby+10 2.459
22 Sculptor Sculptor-1010605 Kirby+15 ET0242 Skuladottir+15b 2.489



Important notes when using the database

Last update on 21 September 2018


  • The database retrieval system creates the figures using gnuplot version 4.2.6. Therefore, the script downloaded from the server works with this version or later (maybe incompatible with version 4.0 and 3.X).
  • Object has sometimes two or more identifiers. For example, “CS31062-012” has other object names, “G268-32” and “LP706-7”. The SAGA database uses one ID for one object. In this case, you cannot search with the object name neither “G268-32” nor “LP706-7” in the data retrieval subsystem. In the database, the names of objects are used according to the following priority by the catalogue name.
    • CS > BS > HE > HD > BD > CD > DH > G > HIP
  • All the name registered in the database can be seen in
  • You can check the object IDs used in the database from the links in the list.
  • Abundance conversion between log-e, [X/H], and [X/Fe] is done by using solar chemical composition based on the adopted solar abundances in the literature. If they are not available, we use photospheric abundances in Table 1 of Grevesse et al. (1996, ASPC, 99, 117).


Tutorial for the SAGA database Retrieval subsystem

This tutorial explains the meanings of the options and columns displayed on the retrieval subsystem and shows how it works.

Top page

  • A-1: Date of the last update of the SAGA database in JST
  • A-2: Button to execute search
  • A-3: Button to set search example (currently not working)
  • A-4: Button to reset the form
  • B-1: Option to plot on 2D diagram or histogram
  • B-2: Bin width for the histogram
    • This works when Histogram option in B-1 is chosen.
  • B-3: Range of values of the histogram
    • This works when Histogram option in B-1 is chosen.
  • B-4: Category or Unit of the axis for plotting as shown below
  • B-5: Quantity or Element of the axis
  • B-6: Quantity in text format. [Fe/H], [C/Fe], [C/N], … any combinations of [X/Y ] are supported.
  • B-7: Allowed range for specified quantity. Set blank if unset.
  • B-8: Options to choose if the data with upper limit is included or excluded.
  • B-9: Options to show or hide error bars on the plot
  • C-1: Search by object name. Names such as “HE0107-5240”, “CS”, and “0107” are allowed.
  • C-2: Subtract binary stars with the specified range of binary period.
  • C-3: Criterion for the range of photometric magnitude for selected photometric band.
  • C-4: Criterion for the resolution power, R.
  • D-1: Search by authors.
    • Family Name, Given Name or Initial Middle Name or Initial: Given Name and Middle Name can be omitted.
    • First author search by “^”.
    • All the names and initials are case insensitive.
    • Given name and middle name can be connected by hyphen.
  • D-2: Bibliographic search to include data
    • Format must be “Journal, Volume, Page, Year”.
    • Any criterions can be omitted.
  • D-3: Bibliographic search to exclude data
    • Same option as to include data
  • D-4: Criterion to choose the journal.
  • D-5: Criterion for the published year of original journal.
  • E-1: Cross search option. Choose if the combination of data across papers is allowed or not.
    • same paper: allow to retrieve data for X and Y axes only from the same paper
    • any combination: allow to retrieve data for X and Y axes from any combinations of papers
    • plot one: plot only one data if more than one data are available with the same paper option. The data selection is subject to the formula that defines the priority of the data.
  • E-2: If yes, select data only from the abundances with the adopted solar abundances are provided in the original papers. Otherwise, all the data are searchable.
  • E-3: Reference solar abundances. Abundances are converted using the reference solar abundances.
  • E-4: How to choose the representative values if two or more data are available from the literature.
    • mean: mean of all the available data
    • median: median of all the available data
    • subject to priority parameter: data to plot is selected by the criteria.
  • E-5: Number of display per result page.
  • E-6: Check to display items
    • Plot data: data plot and download files
    • Output text data: download link to text format for selected data
    • Output search result: data table to provide links to data
    • Output data comment: additional comment on reference in the numerical data
    • Output uncertainties: add information on uncertainties in the result pages and downloadable text data
         C-rich : [C/Fe] ≥ 0.7
         RGB : Teff ≤ 6000 and log g ≤ 3.5
         EMP : [Fe/H] ≤ -2.5
         CEMP-s : C-rich and EMP and [Ba/Fe] ≥ 0.5
         CEMP-no : C-rich and EMP and [Ba/Fe] < 0.5

Data plot

  • A-1: Plotted data are automatically classified into categories according to the following criteria.
    • EMP: stars with [Fe/H] ≤ -2.5. Although the value of [Fe/H] depends on the observations, it is simply taken from the data in the most recent published paper, the largest resolution for observing set ups, and the smallest error bars. Fe I is preferably adopted for identical paper.
    • C-rich: stars with [C/Fe] ≥ 0.7. The selection condition of the data is the same as for EMP. “CEMP” means “C-rich” and “EMP”.
    • RGB: stars with Teff ≤ 6000 K and log g ≤ 3.5. Otherwise, the star is classified as “MS”.
    • CEMP-s: stars that satisfy C-rich and EMP criteria and [Ba/Fe] ≥ 0.5.
    • CEMP-no: stars that satisfy C-rich and EMP criteria and [Ba/Fe] < 0.5.
  • A-2: Number of plotted data (top) and Pearson coefficient for plotted data (bottom). In calculating the coefficient, data with upper limits are excluded.
  • A-3: Arrows show the upper limits for derived values.
  • A-4: Panel is the clickable map. Each plotted data has a link to the page to see more information on the selected object.
  • B-1: Option to set title of the figure
  • B-2: Option to specify the position of the legend or unset the legend
  • B-3: Option to set labels for X- and Y-axis.
  • B-4: Option to set the scale of the figure in linear or log
  • B-5: Option to set the range of values. Use “*” for automatic scale.
  • B-6: Option to Include or exclude error bars on the diagram.
  • C-1: Button to replot the data
  • C-2: Button to reset the form
  • C-3: Button to delete all the list of plotted data
  • C-4: Button to destroy all internal set-ups and go to top page
  • C-5: Checkboxes to show or hide in the plot
  • C-6: Text form to set legends
  • C-7: Pull-down menus to set the size of the points
  • C-8: Pull-down menus to choose the symbols of the points
  • C-9: Links to text data
  • D-1: Checkbox to plot in color or black-and-white
  • D-2: Links to the current figures in different format
  • D-3: Button to download all the data and script to reproduce the figure.
  • E-1: Button to download data table in tab-separated file
  • E-2: List of columns to be included in the text file
  • E-3: Options to specify the number of columns to be added to the text file


Text Data Download

  • E-4: Selection of additional columns in the text file


Search Result

  • A-1: ID of the object, sorted by star ID
  • A-2: Radio button to select all the checkboxes to plot the data for objects in the same page
  • A-3: Checkbox to plot the data
  • A-4: Link to the information on object
  • A-5: Link to the information on reference
  • A-6: Metallicity, Effective temperature, and Surface gravity of the object adopted by the paper.
  • A-7: Values of X-axis, Y-axis, and criterion axes derived by the paper
  • B-1: Button to go to next or previous page
  • B-2: Buttons to change the page. The current page is shown by the green button.

Update history of the data retrieval system

Update history of Data Retrieval System

  • April 11, 2018
    • Bug fix: the number of additional criteria did not increase by “+” button.
    • Bug fix: [X/Y] or [X+Y/Fe,H] as an X-axis did not work.
    • Bug fix: the number of columns was not constant in tsv files.
  • April 10, 2018
    • Update: downloadable text data can be customized by adding up to 20 additional columns specified by the users.
  • March 29, 2018 (SAGA viewer)
    • Bug fix: correspondence to the new versions of the database.
    • Update: enabled to compare stars in dwarf galaxies.
  • March 23, 2018
    • Update: added RA and Decl in the downloadable text data in tsv format.
    • Update: selected data are highlighted in the output data tables.
    • Update: time to replot the data has been reduced when the data are plotted with different options or the pages of the output data tables are changed / modified.
  • November 8, 2017
    • Bug fix: data with upper/lower limits are properly considered when value ranges are specified.
  • October 26, 2017
    • Bug fix: added upper/lower limit to the data tables and downloadable text data.
    • added an option to add uncertainties to the data tables and downloadable text data.
  • October 23, 2017
    • Bug fix: temporarily fixed the downloadable text data in tsv format.
  • October 16, 2017
    • Emphasized links to text data.
  • October 4, 2017
    • Bug fix: enabled search by authors and bibliography.
  • September 4, 2017
    • Bug fix: stellar parameters (Teff, log g, and [Fe/H]) were not properly ordered in the tables of the search result.
    • Line colors have been changed to be the same as the font colors in the list of objects.
    • Legends in the plot list have been changed.
  • August 7, 2017
    • Bug fix: data selection criteria did not work properly. This is a similar bug fix as in May 24, 2017. We may have uncovered the bug at some point.
  • June 26, 2017
    • fixed search function by binary parameters and position data.
  • June 16, 2017
    • added search option of the reference solar abundances and representative values for MW stars.
    • changed  the color set of plotted data points.
  • June 11, 2017
    • added search option of the reference solar abundances
      • Users can select the solar abundances to be normalized in the plot of [X/Fe] and [X/H].
      • The available options are Asplund et al. (2009), Grevesse et al. (1996), and Anders & Grevesse (1989).
    • added search option of representative values.
      • Users can choose the representative values if specified values (abundances, stellar parameters, etc) are reported by multiple papers.
      • The available options are mean and median of all the available data, and the value subject to the priority parameter.
      • Note that this option is to use the classification of stars by abundances and stellar parameters and is not applicable to the data retrieval system for dwarf galaxies.
  • May 24, 2017
    • Bug fix: “plot one” option did not work properly.
  • May 23,  2017
    • Bug fix: data selection criteria did not work properly.
  • July 8, 2014
    • New function: Text based data (tab separated format) for retrieved data tables are available.
  • October 31, 2010
    • Improvement in query form interface.
    • Bug fix: number count in histogram data.
    • Bug fix: HTML data of object and reference and links to data.
  • Apr. 20, 2010
    • Bug fix: data plot with histogram now recovered from error by the previous update.
  • Mar. 16, 2010
    • Implemented popup to show the name of the object when mouse is on plotted data points.
    • Number of objects and the Pearson coefficient are modified to be consistent with the plotted data at any time.
    • Slightly changed the layout and color of the site.
  • Jan. 18, 2010
    • Bug fix: minor bug related to search.
  • Feb. 3, 2009
    • Bug fix: fixed retrieval by binary period and radial velocity
  • Dec. 24, 2008
    • Bug fix: search by object name, Author name, and Position and velocity.
  • Dec. 4, 2008
    • Retrievals with isotopic ratios are available.
  • Nov. 21, 2008
    • Data scoring is introduced. Initial choice of data to be plotted is now determined by the score of individual data. The score is calculated based on the spectral resolution, published year, the size of error bars, and the type of adopted line to derive abundances.
    • Object names are unified according to the SIMBAD database. Multiple definitions of object names are removed since this version.
  • Jun. 23, 2008: beta version 1.0 released
    • Improvement
      • Almost all known bugs in 0.13beta were fixed.
      • Some changes in user interface (see tutorial for detail.)
  • Dec. 17, 2007: version 0.13beta
    • Improvement
      • Bug fix: calculation of correct errors in [X/Y] (Known problem in beta 0.11)
      • Bug fix: quick plotting for histograms (Known problem in beta 0.11)
      • Enable to plot with position and radial velocity.
  • Oct. 24, 2007: beta version 0.12
    • Improvement
      • Bug fix: search by [X/Y] for X-axis (Not known in the prev. ver.)
      • Bug fix: search by [X/Y] for multiple axes (Not known in the prev. ver.)
      • Calculating error for [X/Y] by taking root mean square
  • Oct. 3, 2007: beta version 0.11
    • Improvement
      • Bug fix for retrieval function
      • Designation by ‘*’ for notification
      • Improvement in the speed of search and plot
    • Known problems
      • Error bars are not correct for [X/Y] plot.
      • It takes too much time to plot histgram.
      • Data selection is ambiguous. In many cases, data to be plotted are chosen by publication year of paper.
  • Sep., 2007: beta version 0.1 released

Update history of the database

Update history of Database

  • January 24, 2019
    • Milky Way
      • Boesgaard et al.                 ApJ,743,140,2011
      • Mishenina et al.                 MNRAS,469,4378,2017
      • Spite et al.                        A&A,611,A30,2018
      • Aguado et al.                          ApJ,852,L20,2018
      • Aguado et al.                        ApJ,854,L34,2018
    • Dwarf galaxies
      • Hansen et al.                   ApJ,838,44,2017
      • Norris et al.                    ApJS,230,28,2017
      • Skuladottir et al.             A&A,606,A71,2017
      • Nagasawa et al.                   ApJ,852,99,2018
      • Ji et al.                               ApJ,856,138,2018
      • Chiti et al.                 ApJ,857,74,2018
      • Chiti et al.                     ApJ,856,142,2018
  • September 21, 2018
    • Position data for the Milky Way stars are compiled from the cross match with the Gaia DR2 with the help of the 2MASS catalog. Now all the data for RA (J2000) and Decl (J2000) are available for stars in MW.
  • June 13, 2018
    • New data published by early 2017
      • Ruchti et al. APJ,743,107,2011
      • Hollek et al. APJ,814,121,2015
      • Placco et al. APJ,812,109,2015
      • Spite et al. A&A,582,74,2015
      • Siqueira et al. A&A,584,86,2015
      • Aguado et al. A&A,593,10,2016
      • Melendez et al. A&A,585,5,2016
      • Roederer et al. APJ,821,37,2016
      • Roederer et al.  APJ,824,L19,2016
      • Susmitha Rani et al. APJ,458,2648,2016
      • Placco et al. APJ,829,24,2016
      • Placco et al. APJ,833,21,2016
      • Yan et al. A&A,585,102,2016
      • Zhao et al. APJ,833,225,2016
      • Aguado et al. AN,604,9,2017
      • Aoki et al. APJ,837,8,2017
      • Caffau et al. AN,338,686,2017
      • Hansen et al. A&A,598,54,2017
      • Karinkuzhi et al. APJ,834,61,2017
      • Kielty et al. MNRAS,471,404,2017
      • Matuno et al. PASJ,69,24,2017
      • Matsuno et al. AJ,154,52,2017
      • Mikolaitis et al. A&A,600,22,2017
      • OMalley et al. ApJ,838,90,2017
      • Pereira et al. MNRAS,469,774,2017
      • Placco et al. APJ,844,18,2017
      • Prakapavicius et al. A&A,599,128,2017
      • Roriz et al. MNRAS,472,350,2017
      • Spite et al. A&A,600,26,2017
  • September 4, 2017
    • bug fix: mis classification of stars in MW stars.
  • June 26, 2017
    • add binary parameters in text data in tsv format.
  • June 11, 2017
    • add abundance data normalized by the solar abundances of Grevesse et al. (1996) and Anders & Grevesse (1989).
  • May 20, 2017
    • bug fix: mis identification of star IDs in dwarf galaxies
  • April 5, 2017
    • new database for dwarf galaxies
  • Aug. 31, 2015
    • fixed incorrect data: erroneous values are registered for abundance data in the following papers.
      • Reddy et al.,MNRAS,367,1329,2006
      • Venn et al.,AJ,128,1177,2004
  • Aug. 7, 2015
    • :!:Important change!!! The data of the Galactic disk stars have been included in the database. The data are taken from selected papers listed below.:!:
    • New data published by 2014
      • Zhang et al.,ApJ,706,1095,2009
      • Aoki et al.,Science,345,912,2014
      • Caliskan et al.,A&A,571,62,2014
      • Hansen et al.,ApJ,787,162,2014
      • Keller et al.,Nature,506,463,2014
      • Kennedy et al.,ApJ,787,6,2014
      • Mashonkina et al.,A&A,569,A43,2014
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      • Roederer et al.,ApJ,784,158,2014
      • Roederer et al.,ApJ,791,32,2014
      • Roederer et al.,AJ,147,136,2014
      • Roederer et al.,MNRAS,445,2970,2014
      • Schlaufman et al.,ApJ,797,13,2014
      • Siqueira Mello et al.,A&A,565,A93,2014
    • Typical sample of Galactic disk stars
      • Bensby et al.,A&A,433,185,2005
      • Reddy et al.,MNRAS,367,1329,2006
      • lvesBrito et al.,A&A,513,A35,2010
      • Ruchti et al.,ApJ,737,9,2011
      • Mishenina et al.,A&A,552,A128,2013
      • Mishenina et al.,A&A,547,A106,2012
      • Bensby et al.,A&A,562,A71,2014
      • Takeda et al.,PASJ,57,45,2005
      • Takeda et al.,PASJ,57,65,2005
      • Takeda et al.,PASJ,59,335,2007
      • Venn et al.,AJ,128,1177,2004
      • Nissen et al.,A&A,511,L10,2010
      • Nissen et al.,A&A,530,A15,2011
      • Chen et al.,A&AS,141,491,2000
  • Jan. 22, 2015
    • Incorrect data fixed.
      • Stellar parameters in Roederer et al. (2010): removed unnecessary data of Teff for all the objects.
      • Abundance data in Roederer et al. (2010): add data for G95-57A.
      • Stellar parameters in Allen et al. (2012): Errors in stellar parameters of BS 16033-081.
  • Jan. 7, 2015
    • Errors in original papers corrected.
      • Abundance data in Allen et al.(2012): Data in Table 9 give [X/H] not log-e.
      • In some other papers, inconsistent star IDs among data tables have been corrected.
  • Dec. 17, 2014
    • Incorrect data fixed.
      • Abundance data in Ishigaki et al.(2013)
  • Dec. 12, 2014
    • New data published by 2013.
      • Caffau et al.,A&A,560,A15,2013
      • Cohen et al.,ApJ,778,56,2013
      • Cui et al.,A&A,558,A36,2013
      • Ishigaki et al.,ApJ,771,67,2013
      • Ito et al.,ApJ,773,33,2013
      • Li et al.,ApJ,765,51,2013
      • Norris et al.,ApJ,762,25,2013
      • Placco et al.,ApJ,770,104,2013
      • Spite et al.,A&A,552,A107,2013
      • Yong et al.,ApJ,762,26,2013
      • Aoki et al.,AJ,145,13,2013
      • Placco et al.,ApJ,781,40,2014
  • August 5, 2014
    • Incorrect data fixed.
      • Sr data in Hollek et al. (2011)
      • inconsistent star name in previous version.
  • July 8, 2014
    • New data published by 2012.
      • Hollek et al. (2011)
      • Allen et al. (2012)
      • Aoki et al. (2012)
      • Bonifacio et al. (2012)
      • Hansen et al. (2012)
      • Ishigaki et al. (2012)
      • Masseron et al. (2012)
      • Norris et al. (2012)
      • Ren et al. (2012)
      • Roederer et al. (2012, ApJ, 747, L7)
      • Roederer et al. (2012, ApJS, 203, 27)
      • Siqueira Mello et al. (2012)
  • August 6, 2012
    • :!:Important change!!! The definition of “CEMP” and “Crich” changed from [C/Fe] >= 0.5 to [C/Fe] >= 0.7.:!:
    • New data published by 2011.
      • Gehren et al. (2006)
      • Francois et al. (2007)
      • Aoki and Honda (2008)
      • Andrievsky et al. (2009)
      • Roederer et al. (2009)
      • Aoki et al. (2010)
      • Andrievsky et al. (2010)
      • Behara et al. (2010)
      • Bergemann et al. (2010)
      • Bergemann and Cescutti (2010)
      • Caffau et al. (2011a)
      • Caffau et al. (2011b)
      • Honda et al. (2011)
      • Ishigaki et al. (2010)
      • Melendez et al. (2010)
      • Mashonkina et al. (2010)
      • Roederer et al. (2010)
      • Hansen et al. (2011)
      • Spite et al. (2011)
      • Takeda and Takada-Hidai (2011)
      • Zhang et al. (2011)
    • October 31, 2010
      • Bug fix in data
        • Li abundance in Aoki et al. (2002, ApJ, 567, 1166)
        • Y abundance of HE1303-2708 in Depagne et al. (2000, A&A, 364, L6) is modified.
        • Upper limit of Th abundance for HE2148-1248 in Cohen et al. (2003, ApJ, 588, 1082) is added.
      • added resolution data
        • Resolution data are updated for Aoki et al. (2002, PASJ, 54, 933), Frebel et al. (2006, ApJ, 638, L17), etc.
    • March 16, 2010
      • New data published by 2009.
        • Smiljanic et al.,A&A,499,103,2009
        • Ford et al.,A&A,393,617,2002
        • Ryan et al.,ApJ,549,55,2001
        • Garcia Perez et al.,A&A,504,213,2009
        • Aoki et al.,ApJ,698,1803,2009
        • Ito et al.,ApJ,698,L37,2009
        • Saito et al.,PASJ,61,549,2009
        • Bonifacio et al.,A&A,501,519,2009
        • Rich and Boesgaard,ApJ,701,1519,2009
    • September 2, 2009
      • Fixed errors in data
        • Wrong values of log g for HD140283 and LP625-44 in Aoki et al.(2002, PASJ, 54, 427)
    • September 1, 2009
      • New data added. The database covers paper published by mid 2009.
      • Here is the list of newly added references.
        • Tan et al.,MNRAS,392,205,2009
        • Hosford et al.,A&A,493,601,2009
        • Bergemann and Gehren,A&A,492,823,2008
        • Frebel et al.,ApJ,684,588,2008
        • Roederer et al.,ApJ,679,1549,2008
        • Christlieb et al.,A&A,484,721,2008
        • Aoki et al.,ApJ,678,1351,2008
        • Thompson et al.,ApJ,677,556,2008
        • Andrievsky et al.,A&A,481,481,2008
        • Roederer et al.,ApJ,675,723,2008
        • Gonzalez Hernandez et al.a,A&A,480,233,2008
        • Mashonkina et al.,A&A,478,529,2008
        • Lai et al.,ApJ,681,1524,2008
        • Preston et al.,AJ,132,85,2006
        • Ryde and Lambert,A&A,415,559,2004
        • TakadaHidai et al.,ApJ,573,614,2002
        • Johnson and Bolte,ApJ,579,616,2002
        • Johnson and Bolte,ApJ,554,888,2001
        • Cohen et al.,ApJ,672,320,2008
        • Ivans et al.,ApJ,592,906,2003
        • Ishimaru et al.,ApJ,600,L47,2004
        • Charbonnel and Primas,A&A,442,961,2005
        • Boesgaard et al.,ApJ,633,398,2005
        • Stephens and Boesgaard,AJ,123,1647,2002
    • May 5, 2009
      • Data bug fix again of Cohen et al. (2006, ApJ, 132, 137)
        • Zr, Sm, and Pb abundances of HE2356-0410 were deleted. They are not available in the literature.
    • Apr. 9, 2009
      • New data which were published by Dec. 2007 but were not compiled in the previous updates.
      • Data bug fix. We are sorry for these mistakes in compilation.:-(
        • Israelian et al.(2001, ApJ, 551, 833)
          • G275-4 (CD-24 17504)
            • [O I/H] = -2.99 was replaced by < -1.96
            • [OH/H] < -1.96 was replaced by 2.08±0.32
        • Aoki et al.(2002, ApJ, 580, 1149)
          • CS22942-01, CS29526-110, CS22898-027, HD196944, CS31062-012, CS31062-050, CS22880-074
            • Photometric data in B and B-V band should be B-V and E(B-V), respectively.
          • CS30301-015
            • V band data was removed.
        • Gratton et al.(2003, A&A, 404, 183)
          • All objects in the paper
            • Wrong data for photometry were compiled.
        • Lucatello et al. (2003, AJ, 125, 875)
          • HE0024-2523
            • Flags for upper limits were added to Eu, Y, and Zr abundances.
        • Cohen et al. (2006, ApJ, 132, 137)
          • HE2356-0410
            • Abundances of HE2158-0348 was used for those of HE2356-0410 in the previous version. Now fixed.
    • Dec. 4, 2008
      • Isotopic ratio data are registered into database.
        • 6Li/7Li and 12C/13C are in the form of the ratio in number abundance.
        • 151Eu/153Eu is defined as the fraction of 151Eu, i.e., fr(151Eu)≡151Eu/(151Eu+153Eu)
    • Nov. 21, 2008
      • Data scoring is added. See below in the update history of Retrieval system.
    • Aug. 20, 2008
      • Bug fix: EPS file was broken. It is now created successfully in gnuplot version 4.2.2.
    • Aug. 7, 2008
      • Bug fix: Object classification (HE1327-2326 was classified as “EMP” while it should be “CEMP-MS”)
      • Bug fix: log-e – [X/Fe] conversion ([Eu/Fe] data increase by ~100, most of which are metal-rich stars)
      • Bug fix: Object name inconsistency (e.g., “BD+03 740” and “BD+03 0740” are treated as different objects)
    • May. 28, 2008
      • Bug fix of data in some papers
      • Addition of papers in order to cover all the papers published by Dec. 2007.
    • Dec. 13, 2007
      • Bug fix of data in some papers
      • No addition of papers
    • Sep. 12, 2007, 1st released version
      • compilation of 91 papers