taken from 1 paper(s):

/G.W.Preston and C. Sneden(2000)/

G.W.Preston et al.,AJ, 120, 1014, 2000(ADS)

What Are These Blue Metal-Poor Stars?

Stellar Parameters

Chemical Abundances

Original Data Converted Data Asplund et al. (2009)
Element Nline [X/H] [X/Fe] log-e [X/H] [X/Fe] log-e Element

Binary Parameters

Binarity Positive
Vrad 231.2
Period 19.165


Right Ascension : 20 05 55.15 Declination : -59 17 11.4 Galactic Longitude (l) : N/A Galactic Latitude (b) : N/A

Observing Log

Date of Observation JD Facility Resolution S/N Exposure Time Vrad
N/A N/A FRUTTI 30000 10 N/A N/A