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Title Detection of Phosphorus, Sulphur, and Zinc in the Carbon-enhanced Metal-poor Star BD+44 493
ADS I.U.Roederer et al.,ApJ, 824, L19, 2016
Authors I. U. Roederer, V. M. Placco, T. C. Beers

Milky Way

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Name Comment SIMBAD Object
BD+44_493 N/A S O


Stellar Parameters

Teff : 5430+-150 log g : 3.4+-0.3 vturb : 1.3+-0.3

Chemical Abundances

Original Data Converted Data Asplund et al. (2009)
Element Nline [X/H] [X/Fe] log-e [X/H] [X/Fe] log-e Element
Mg I1...+0.51+-0.504.23+-0.50-3.37+-0.500.70+-0.504.23+-0.50Mg I
Si I10...+0.15+-0.243.78+-0.24-3.73+-0.240.34+-0.243.78+-0.24Si I
P I3...-0.34+-0.281.19+-0.28-4.24+-0.28-0.17+-0.281.19+-0.28P I
S I3...+0.07+-0.453.31+-0.45-3.81+-0.450.26+-0.453.31+-0.45S I
Ti II2...+0.30+-0.281.37+-0.28-3.58+-0.280.49+-0.281.37+-0.28Ti II
Cr II2...+0.23+-0.231.99+-0.23-3.65+-0.230.42+-0.231.99+-0.23Cr II
Fe I3-4.07+-0.28...3.43+-0.28-4.07+-0.28...3.43+-0.28Fe I
Fe II12-3.72+-0.24...3.78+-0.24-3.72+-0.24...3.78+-0.24Fe II
Co II4...+0.65+-0.291.76+-0.29-3.23+-0.290.84+-0.291.76+-0.29Co II
Ni I3...-0.08+-0.262.26+-0.26-3.96+-0.260.11+-0.262.26+-0.26Ni I
Ni II3...-0.07+-0.232.27+-0.23-3.95+-0.230.12+-0.232.27+-0.23Ni II
Zn II1...-0.10+-0.320.58+-0.32-3.98+-0.320.09+-0.320.58+-0.32Zn II
As I1...<+1.37<-0.21<-2.51<1.56<-0.21As I
Se I3...<+0.47<-0.07<-3.41<0.66<-0.07Se I

Binary Parameters

Binarity Negative


Right Ascension : 02 26 49.70 Declination : +44 57 46.0 Galactic Longitude (l) : N/A Galactic Latitude (b) : N/A

Observing Log

Date of Observation JD Facility Resolution S/N Exposure Time Vrad
2015-11-21 N/A COSHST 17000 20-55 8417 N/A
2015-11-22 N/A COSHST 17000 12-30 8301 N/A
2015-12-08 N/A COSHST 17000 10-55 31035 N/A