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Title Chemical Analysis of a Carbon-enhanced Very Metal-poor Star: CD-27 14351
ADS D.Karinkuzhi et al.,ApJ, 834, 61, 2017
Authors D. Karinkuzhi, A. Goswami, T. Masseron

Milky Way

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Name Comment SIMBAD Object
CD-27 14351 N/A S O


Stellar Parameters

Teff : 4335 log g : 0.5 vturb : 2.42

Chemical Abundances

Original Data Converted Data Asplund et al. (2009)
Element Nline [X/H] [X/Fe] log-e [X/H] [X/Fe] log-e Element
Na IN/A-1.351.274.89+-0.20-1.351.284.89+-0.20Na I
Mg IN/A-1.990.635.61+-0.40-1.990.645.61+-0.40Mg I
Ca IN/A-1.830.794.51+-0.18-1.830.804.51+-0.18Ca I
Ti IN/A-1.70.923.25+-0.18-1.700.933.25+-0.18Ti I
Ti IIN/A-1.740.833.21+-0.16-1.740.893.21+-0.16Ti II
Cr IN/A-2.8-0.182.84+-0.17-2.80-0.172.84+-0.17Cr I
Fe IN/A-2.63NAN4.87+-0.15-2.63NAN4.87+-0.15Fe I
Fe IIN/A-2.57NAN4.93+-0.09-2.57NAN4.93+-0.09Fe II
Sr IN/A-0.891.731.98+-0.20-0.891.741.98+-0.20Sr I
Y IIN/A-0.661.911.55+-0.20-0.661.971.55+-0.20Y II
Ba IIN/A-0.81.771.38+-0.20-0.801.831.38+-0.20Ba II
La IIN/A-11.570.10+-0.20-1.001.630.10+-0.20La II
Ce IIN/A-0.152.631.43+-0.30-0.152.481.43+-0.30Ce II
Nd IIN/A-1.471.1-0.05+-0.2-1.471.16-0.05+-0.2Nd II
Eu IIN/A-0.921.65-0.4+-0.2-0.921.71-0.4+-0.2Eu II

Isotopic Ratio

12C/13C 10.1

Binary Parameters

Vrad 61.1


Right Ascension : 19 53 08.00 Declination : -27 28 15.0 Galactic Longitude (l) : N/A Galactic Latitude (b) : N/A

Observing Log

Date of Observation JD Facility Resolution S/N Exposure Time Vrad
2000-07-14 N/A FEROSESO 48000 N/A N/A 61.1