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Title Three-dimensional hydrodynamical CO5BOLD model atmospheres of red giant stars. V. Oxygen abundance in the metal-poor giant HD 122563 from OH UV lines
ADS D.Prakapavicius et al.,AAP, 599, 128, 2017
Authors D. Prakapavicius, A. Kucinskas, V. Dobrovolskas, J. Klevas, M. Steffen, P. Bonifacio, H. -G. Ludwig, M. Spite

Milky Way

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Name Comment SIMBAD Object
HD122563 N/A S O


Stellar Parameters

Teff : 4600 log g : 1.6

Chemical Abundances

Original Data Converted Data Asplund et al. (2009)
Element Nline [X/H] [X/Fe] log-e [X/H] [X/Fe] log-e Element


Right Ascension : 14 02 31.80 Declination : +09 41 10.0 Galactic Longitude (l) : N/A Galactic Latitude (b) : N/A

Observing Log

Date of Observation JD Facility Resolution S/N Exposure Time Vrad
N/A VLT 60000 55-195 N/A N/A