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Title The barium isotopic mixture for the metal-poor subgiant star HD140283
ADS A.J.Gallagher et al.,AAP, 523, A24, 2010
Authors A. J. Gallagher, S. G. Ryan, A. E. Garc´aP´erez, W. Aoki

Milky Way

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Name Comment SIMBAD Object
HD140283 N/A S O


Stellar Parameters

Teff : 5750 log g : 3.7 vturb : 1.4

Chemical Abundances

Original Data Converted Data Asplund et al. (2009)
Element Nline [X/H] [X/Fe] log-e [X/H] [X/Fe] log-e Element
Ba IIN/A-3.46+-0.11-0.87+-0.14...-3.51+-0.11-0.87+-0.14-1.33+-0.11Ba II


Right Ascension : 15 43 03.10 Declination : -10 56 00.6 Galactic Longitude (l) : N/A Galactic Latitude (b) : N/A

Observing Log

Date of Observation JD Facility Resolution S/N Exposure Time Vrad
N/A SUBARUHDS 95000 1110 82min N/A